God is all knowing, all present, creator of the universe and man!

1.  We believe there is One God, eternally existent in Three Persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost).
2.  We believe in God, the Father Almighty, the Author and Creator of all things.  The Old Testament reveals God in deverse manners, by manifesting his nature, character and dominions.  The Gospels in the New Testament gives us knowledge of God the "Father" or "My Father", showing the relationship of God the Father, or representing Him as the Father in the Godhead, and Jesus himself the Son (John 15:8; 14-20).  Jesus also gives God the distinction of "Fatherhood" to all believers when he explains God in the light of "Your Father" or "Your Father in Heaven". (Matthew 10:32-33; 6:8)
3.  We believe that God is the creator of man, all things on earth and the universe.  (Genesis 1; Deuteronomy 4:32; Isaiah 40:26; Isaiah 42:5)
4.  We believe he loves us so much that he was willing to send his only Son to die for our sins on the cross.  (John 3:15-17).