With the POWER, the AUTHORITY and the ABILITY of the ALMIGHTY GOD, cursed be every affliction, sickness, diseases, demons, devils, evil and contrary spirits of every kind and nature.  I command you to depart from the body, from the crown of the head to the sole of the feet.  And it shall be done by the AUTHORITY OF JESUS CHRIST our LORD.  And, we thank You for it LORD.  Amen.   

On January 11, 1895, Bishop Goldsberry's legacy fo faith began with his birth in Arkansas and continued to manifest itself through him as he migrated to Chicago.  As a boy, young Harry learned to be generous and empathetic toward the welfare of others.  He learned faithfulness and consistency of conduct.  He exemplified and possessed the greatest attribute:  Faith in God and his Word.  It was upon these Godly characteristics, that the foundation was laid for the birth of Faith Temple Church of God In Christ.  Many missions, churches and ministres, both nationally and internationally began through the ministry and life of Bishop Godsberry.

It was the desire of Bishop Goldsberry to establish a church built on the foundation of Faith in God, prayer and fasting.  Bishop Goldsberry, the son of a minister, accepted Christ at the tender age of eight years old.  At sixty years of age, a time in which many retire, God propelled the ministry of "Dad" Goldsberry and placed it upon his heart to establish the FAITH TEMPLE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST.

The first church service was held in the home of a chartered church member, Sister Louise Winfree, on March 7, 1955.  The first church building was located at 6211 S. Wentworth, Chicago, Illinois.  As God continued to bless the ministry, the congregation later moved to 6810 S. Wentworth and in 1957 purchased a building at 7032 S. Wentworth.  While the Faith ministry grew, Dad Goldsberry felt the need to purchase a larger building for God's people and by faith he claimed our present location, 7158 South Peoria, Chicago, Illinois 60621.  After moving into this lovely edifice, church membership grew to over two thousand!  In 1970 the church mortgage was burned with a saving in interest of more than $123,000.00.

Bishop Goldsberry's desire to bring the message of faith to a dying world often led him to foreign soil.  Dad Goldsberry and the deliverance team has traveled to Ghana West AfricaHonduras, the Virgin Islands, South America and a host of other countries attempting to reach souls for Christ.  The National Church of God In Christ (Memphis, Tennessee) recognized the hand of God in the ministry of Dad Goldsberry.  In 1966 the late senior Bishop O.T. Jones appointed Bishop Goldsberry to the office of bishop.  As the founder of the Sixth Jurisdiction, Illinois Churches of God In Christ, Bishop Goldsberry was the overseer of over 40 churches in the Chicago and Illinois area.  In addition, Bishop served as Vice-President of the Church of God In Christ Missions Department and Chaplain to the Board of Bishops. 

On December 3, 1984, at 89 years of age, God looked upon the labor of our founder, stating , "Well done my good and faithful servant", calling him home.

Bishop Goldsberry with our
Pastor Elder William H. Allen
Bishop Goldsberry with
our Assistant Pastor Ronald Blumenburg


To have loved one, then lost, is still better than to have never been so blessed.  To have been enriched by one cheerfulness, their memory lingers on.   Their hopes and ideals in the crevices of your mind, their wisdom is there when you need it.  Whatever was good and noble within your loved one, they still live through you.   May their life have had purpose and meaning by keeping their good seed alive.  Only then can we truly say,
"In Loving Memory"

Mother Julia Oliver      Mother Dorothy Adams
Missionary Ruth  Lee      Missionary Helen Merrell
Missionary Mary Fort      Missionary Katherine Taylor
Missionary Ida Giddings      Sister Zenobia Horton
Elder Jesse Crawford      Brother Charles Cato
Pastor William Henry Allen, our present pastor, faithfully served as assistant Pastor to Dad Goldsberry for over 25 years.  Pastor Allen loved Dad Goldsberry and was always attentive to his every need.  As Joshua was to Moses, Pastor Allen was Dad Goldsberry's arm-bearer who followed close by him.  Pastor Allen's faithfulness to our founder shall always be remembered by the Saints of Faith Temple. 

The spiritual leader of the largest Church of God in Christ congregation in the State Illinois, Rev. Allen is a native of the State of Texas.  He was raised in a strict Pentecostal environment and became a Christian at the age of 16 years old.  shortly thereafter he acknowledged one of the highest callings that mankind can receive: to minister and serve God's people.  At the age of 18 years old, Rev Allen preached his first sermon.  God bestowed upon him a congenial smile and pleasant personality that provides a positive influence and guidance to those who come in contact with him.  Rev. Allen has been married to his partner in ministry, Missionary Wylonn R. Allen, for 48 years; from this union came six children.  In 1952, Rev. Allen relocated to Chicago and was licensed to preach at "The Mother church, " Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ.  In 1954 he was ordained by the late Bishop William Roberts, founder of Roberts Temple.

Rev.  Allen realized that he needed to be equipped in order to serve God's people, therefore, while working a full time job, he decided to prepare for the great task ahead of him;  he attended the following colleges to improve his gift God had given him; Moody Bible Institute, Malcolm X College, and Chicago State University; he acquired an Associate of Arts degree at Kennedy King College, A Bachelors degree at Governors State University, and attended graduate school at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As his ministry began to unfold, Rev. Allen was led by God to become a member of Faith Temple COGIC where the founder, the late Bishop H. W. Goldsberry emphasized faith in God, home and foreign missions.  In 1958, Bishop Goldsberry appointed Rev. Allen to the position of Assistant Pastor, where he served faithfully for twenty-five years.  God was looking for a special man who would take Faith Temple to the next level, in the Englewood community, and in foreign lands.  God was looking for a man who would walk toward the task and not run away from it.  God wanted a man who would teach and preach that which he lived and who could lead others where he had already been, Pastor William Henry Allen was God's man.  In 1984, following the death of Bishop Goldsberry, Pastor Allen was elected as the new shepherd of Faith Temple COGIC.

During Pastor Allen's forty-two year tenure in the ministry of Faith Temple, he has received many humanitarian awards and accolades in God's service.  For the past decade he has been the Administrative Assistant to Bishop William Haven Bonner, prelate of the Sixth Jurisdiction of Illinois.  Under the guidance and leadership of Pastor Allen, Faith Temple has been renovated inside and out, and additional property has been acquired for future growth.  It is the vision of Pastor Allen to expand the church in order to accommodate Senior Citizens and the physically challenged, and to continue to meet the needs of God's people citywide.

Pastor Allen is very much concerned about the needy, just as Jesus was.  His ministry extends beyond the walls of the church building.  Thousand of dollars in Jewel Food Store certificates are distributed during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday Seasons; School supplies and free hair cuts for boys are donated each year at a Back To School Rally; the church sponsors a mentoring program to public schools in the Englewood area;  A Food Pantry and Clothes Program for the less fortunate; A Jail Ministry for thirty- five years; Home and Foreign Missions; Funding to the church of God in Christ World Missions to build schools and assist the victims of AIDS; Funding to missionaries in Haiti; Funding to the Michigan-based S.O.S Organization that makes periodic trips to Africa to transport supplies and equipment; contributions to Maranatha's New Direction Outreach, a home for boys, Clara's House, Community Supportive Living Systems, the Christian Guild Scholarship Fund, The Bishop L.H. Ford Scholarship Foundation, The Goldsberry Scholarship Fund and The Family Center Education Agency.  Various ministries have been organized under Rev. Allen's pastorate: Boys to Men, Young Ladies Ministry, Door to Door Witnessing, community Outreach Program, Single's Ministry, Marriage Connection, Substance Abuse, and Safety Intervention Group.  Rev. Allen and the church he leads have made a positive impact in the community and around the world for God's ultimate glory!!


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